• Encounter 1 / Defeated invisible lightning dragon (Gral).
  • Search rooms and hallways, finding a hidden cave system that leads to nothing important. Search other side of portcullis Ka’cha destroys and finally find the dragon’s hoard.
  • FOUND: L17 Piwafwi +4 (Gral)Gold Scepter (7,500GP), Gold Embroidered Vest (2,500GP – Ka’cha takes instead of coin loot)L15 Magic Item (Blair)L17 Magic Item (Crixus), Platinum Brooch of Lolith (2,500GP), 4 Diamonds (500GP each), 4,000GP (800GP each), mundane items.
  • Also find Wooden Scroll Tube Map made of dwarf skin showing locations of the steading, stone giant warrens, rift, and hall of fire king. Gral takes dragon claw trophy. Crixus and Blair take scales and teeth.
  • +1,600 each = 39,880 TOTAL XP
  • LEVEL UP TO 13
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