• Encounter 5 / Defeated king giant (Ka’cha) six giants (Ka’cha x2, Crixus, Gral x3), and bear (Crixus).
  • FOUND: 3,000GP (600GP each), Gem (5,000GP), L15 Magic Item (Noor)2 Gold Bracelets (500GP each), Silver Comb (100GP), Bear Colar (1,500GP), mundane items
  • +1,560 each = 38,280 TOTAL XP
  • Discover secret passage from sitting room to stariway and chest. Find hollowed bone scrolls to Nosenrah, from Obmi: ” Snure commends assaults and asks for more raids at Howling Crag against humans.” We return to the cave and recover.
  • Sneak back to stronghold to see nothing has changed. Continue down stairs through secret room to hallway leading to portcullis room with columns having spears protruding and lining the walls. We break down the portcullis and enter.
  • Encounter 1 / Take on invisible lightning dragon.
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