Journal Entries

An Alliance at Nefelus — 2014/05/30

  • Our defeat of Telecanthus and extended stay at the mansion puts us squarely in the eyes of the people of Satyr. Our renown brings us a visitor of glowing personality — a half-elf Pelor follower keen on joining our group. She introduces herself as Zane. Perhaps a bit too eager, but an intriguing thought. Gloin asks us away to discuss in private and tells us of his desire to step out of the limelight and retire to the Temple of Moradin and assist in the refugee crisis. He says this may be an opportunity to bring on someone young and eager with similar skills. Ori is taken aback at the thought and punches Gloin in the face. Kigyar follows suit and stabs Gloin in the gut in utter disgust. So the test has begun… Zane is called to prove her healing abilities and passes with flying colors. She also impresses with her knowledge and is more-or-less welcomed to the group and boarded at the mansion.
  • In the morning we’re visited by Amyria with an urgent mission to assist her Deva mage brethren on Nefelus, a tropical island nation suddenly cursed with a magical winter and surrounded by ice which their navy can’t escape. We accept the opportunity to help Amyria, especially Kigyar, and prepare to set sail. We make way on the XXX, a large sea ship, and spend a week en route before coming upon the island. We attempt to break through the ice shelf full steam ahead an are greeted by its magical enslavers.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated three big frost giants (Kigyar 2, Ashar) and five little frost giants (Kigyar, Ashar 2, Hiradur). One frost giant escaped.
  • +1,800 each = 58,114 TOTAL XP (57,014 TOTAL XP)
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2013/03/08

  • Head down tower to large room with bridge over chasm to large stained glass glowing sphere with stars. Crude recreation of original.
  • Encounter 4 / Defeated sphere (Kigyar), a Mindslicer (Gloin), and three Githyanki (Hiradur 3).
  • FOUND: 4,000GP (800GP each)
  • Kigyar, Gloin, Ashar, and Hiradur take shards of stained glass. Ori and Gloin push furnace into chasm. We decide to confront Telecanthus quickly and storm back to the main hall after communicating with Amyria.
  • +780P each = 52,974 TOTAL XP
  • Encounter 5 / Defeated Penel (Ori), one mindslicer (Ashar), and four Githyanki (Hiradur, Kigyar, Ashar 2). Telecanthus and one mindslicer escape.
  • FOUND: L16 Magic Item (???), L14 Magic Item (???)8 Exquisitely Crafted Stained Glass Globes (1,000GP each). Globes depict different scenes of litch queen’s reign.
  • +1,420 each = 54,394 TOTAL XP
  • We’re offered Telecanthus’ mansion as a reward for defeating him. We decide to utilize it for the refugees and stay there rather than the inn.
  • Major Bonuses / Uniting Githzerai, destroying the Bitter Glass, win at Akmad, publicly discredit Telecanthus.
  • +1,920 each = 56,314 TOTAL XP (DERYK SUGGESTS CORRECTION TO 55,214 TOTAL XP)
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2013/03/01

  • We walk through the mirror and walk through corridor. Hear faint breathing. Hiradur sneaks up and grabs Githyanki.
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated two Mindslicers (Gloin, Kigyar) and seven Githyanki (Hiradur 3, Gloin, Kigyar 2, Ashar). One Githyanki escaped.
  • FOUND: L16 Magic Weapon (Ashar)
  • +1,540P each = 52,194 TOTAL XP
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2013/02/22

  • Amyria shows up with Odos to leave for meeting at the lecture hall. She discusses our goals: 1) Worried about fractured control of parties, transferring control to military council, 2) Council all have vote but have leader, 3) Everyone to vote on relevance of her dream, 4) Coalition needs a name to unite under one banner, 5) Council to vote to investigate Telecanthus to find communications hub. We join them and make way to the lecture hall. When we arrive we’re introduced
  • Encounter 1 / Succeeded in all five goals, and a few skill tasks: Ori and the potent ale, Hiradur’s sneaky conversations, Gloin cures an illness, and Kigyar wins 50GP in Three Dragon Ante.
  • Lord Torrance is named leader of the coalition. We vote to name the coalition “Shield Coalition”. Vote to investigate Telecanthus and give us papers. Transfer of military passes with Kalad as General of the military.
  • Before heading to Telecanthus’ tea party, we exchange the pile of coins Gloin was holding for the group into platinum. Also go to Ander and Toras Skullstone mapmaker. We learn of the Pillar of Hope Reborn which marks the spot of the tower on prospect hill, but they tell us that’s wrong. Tower was beneath Telecanthus’ mansion. We purchase a copy of the old city and vale map, then go back to the inn to await carriage from Telecanthus.
  • Encounter 2 / At the party, we meet Lady Torrance, Lord Torrance, General Alvo Taraman (Tiefling), Archdean Grimaldi (smitten with Hiradur and Ashar), Barinor the Blade (adventurer). We mingle.
  • +1,000XP each = 50,374 TOTAL XP
  • +280XP each = 50,654 TOTAL XP
  • Grimaldi notices Telecanthus is bringing in a lot of food to the house. Barinor notices tremors that no one else does. Lord Torrance is convinced of our subtlety and points out Telecanthus’ secretary and bodyguard, Penal, is watching us. Taraman had been asked to not watch over mansion due to their presence. We notice floor is creaky toward the back of the building. Hiradur slips away to room to investigate. Enters kitchen and finds lots of cooks on duty. Hiradur pays cook 5GP to discern whether food overage is shady. He says Penel is the one dealing with transport of food out of house. Kigyar gets into Penel’s room and notices a log book showing 15-20 extra people worth of food purchases on a regular basis. Kigyar finds another key which he takes. Hiradur and Kigyar go into next room and find locker with bloody clothes and knives. We take the items from evidence and jam the lock to  delay discovery of tampering. Ori and Gloin see that glass is not made her by Telecanthus. Enter Telecanthus’ bedroom. No Astral Sea or homeland relics, so he’s been truthful in that regard. Kigyar opens single door room with key and sees a journal on the desk. Notice the room is smaller than it should be. Journal describes stained glass. Shards on table, kind of magicy, feels similar to magic from the mirror. Shard opens portal to stairway down…
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2013/02/08

  • Tied up Filth King points to the pile of gold offerings under the statue of Tiamut and says he was approached by a stranger in a cloak wanting him to harass Githzerai with a bounty for dead ones. Kigyar and Ashar decide to destroy the statue and find a passageway behind it. Kigyar grabs some gold and a large 5-headed Gold Dragon Golem constructs itself before us. Oh snap!
  • Encounter 4 / Defeated Gold Dragon Golem (Hiradur).
  • FOUND: Huge Pile of Coins (7,000GP – Gloin holding), 5-headed Dragon Statue (7,200GP), L17 Magic Item (Gloin/Ori?)Crystal and Silver Hourglass (8,500GP), +3 Armor of Dark Deeds (Hiradur)Level 15 Magic Item (Ashar-?)
  • Gloin puts massive amount of coins in Bag of Holding (just enough room). Kigyar requests the Hourglass and will pay difference in his share of future group item sales.
  • We continue down hidden passageway into library room.
  • Encounter5 / Defeated three slightly agitated decomposing skeletons (Ashar, Hiradur, Glion), and five not-so-scary decomposing skeletons (Hiradur 2, Ori, Gloin, Kigyar).
  • Room is safe enough to stay in and peruse the shelves. We find a book from Gradium Oculos with info about a bearded man who we need to look for in an old tower and that we need to trust the blade girl. Appears to be speaking of our previous history with Megan, etc. Find excerpts about a sounding chamber Agolos’ toxic residue from contraption to Astral Sea. Decide to go back to inn and then go to Dwarven mapmakers at The Deep Cartographer to talk.
  • +1,000 XP each = 48,574 TOTAL XP
  • +800 XP each = 49,374 TOTAL XP
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2013/01/11

  • Track beggars to Spice House in Riverdown. Building is boarded up and abandoned. Little beggar girl comes and we ask her question and give her coins. We go into the warehouse and find a trap door. Enter to dark tunnel and come to another trap door with “Give and you will be given” markings. We disable the mechanism and open to a room below with multiple platforms.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated gelatinous cube (Hiradur), and five other enemies (Gloin, Kigyar 3, Ori).
  • We open another door that enters into underground city where beggars live. See recently excavated Temple of Ione. Enter the vestibule and see painting of Tiamut. Listen at entrance and hear chanting. Attempt to open door, but spring trap.
  • +760 XP each = 46,454 TOTAL XP
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2013/01/4

  • Visit shops in town and trade goods for group and personal.
  • SOLD: 16,000GP (3,300GP each) worth of Fire OpalSapphire, Emerald, Statuette and 12 Rubies from Kigyar’s Saddle.
  • Hiradur sells Catstep Boots for 544GP (80% of 680GP value).
  • Kigyar and Hiradur trade Die of Auspicious Fortune for 4,500GP and +2 Challenge Seeking Dagger, and pledge to train Crawly to love uncle Hiradur.
  • Note from Odos left at the inn wants us to come to Riverdown. We follow road and become spectacle to lesser people. No beggars are apporaching though. Arrive at Plaza of Vision and enter warehouse guarded by Githzerai. Tahket is appalled by living conditions of roughly 35 people living here. Hear arguing and it appears there are factions in the group. Notice Ameria with arguing Gith. she’s excited to see us. Galot is proposing a fight against Telecanthus. Can’t stand Githyanki being in prominence. Azit is there too. Ameria is suspicious of Lord Torrance’s relationship with Telecanthsu. She’s the one to bring coalition together — Kalad, Faerix (dragon), Kalindra (ancient elf), Lord Torrance, Quilana Entromiel, and Inogo. Ameria tried to get to island of Nethias, but can’t get there. Tells us of spider dream.
  • Encounter 1 / Convince Odos to join coalition (7/3 success/fail) and he unites the factions. Asks Gloin to speak with mages to find out how Telecanthus is associated with the web dream. Voice speaks of spice house and something behind the guardian. Go find Rancid Agnes, a street urchin, to see if she knows of this place. Run into group of violent beggars on the way.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated four badass beggars and eight not-so-badass beggars. Two escaped.
  • One of the badass beggars was knocked out and interrogated by Kigyar. Tells they were sent by the Filth King, Lord of the Beggars, to kill whoever came out of the warehouse. We take him to the town guard.
  • +800 XP each = 44,654 TOTAL XP
  • +1,040 XP each = 45,649 TOTAL XP
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2012/12/28

  • Letter in captain’s quarters talks of assassination of four leaders. Talk to guy named Odos who tells of finding another green stone that looks like the one we found. Lots of attacks happening. He’s going to take his people to Sayer about 20 miles away. We agree to go with him, but while awaiting departure we interview people. Tahket introduces us to Galia. Can immediately tell she’s controlled by Githyanki (possessed). She has another green stone. We take her to Odos and he immediately executes her. Kigyar offers to help Tahket with burial (BP!).
  • Midway through flight on airship to Sayer, ship lurches downward and Githyanki phase into battle.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated Branek (assassin) and two warriors.
  • Ship crashes safely near Sayer.
  • +760 XP each = 43,854 TOTAL XP
  • Enter Sayer at gate. Guards allow Tahket to pass and they say we can find lodging in the Dregs. Githzerai heading to Palace of Visions in Riverdown district. Odos comes with us. Carriage driver says master wants to meet “The Elsir Irregulars”. Lord Telecanthus (Githyanki). Telecanthus pops out and he offers us a place to stay at his inn. Offers for us to come to invited tea. We accept. Odos storms off and goes to meet Githzerai group at their lodgings. Tahket stays with us.
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2012/12/14

  • Take airship down cliffside to survey damage and see enemy groups trying to break through two different entrances. We take the fight to them by jumping off the ship and starting parallel encounters — Hiradur and Kigyar on right and Ashar, Ori, Gloin on the left.
  • Encounter 5 / Defeated one mindslayer, eight warriors, and nineteen mermadons.
  • FOUND: 9,000GP (1,800GP each), Sapphire (1,000GP), Fire Opal (1,000GP), +3 Elemental Twisted Dagger (Kigyar)Level 15 Magic Item (Ashar-?)
  • +1,000 XP each = 42,184 TOTAL XP
  • +910 XP each = 43,094 TOTAL XP
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2012/11/23

  • Bring airship to cliffside to disembark into fortress and rockslide. Buildings are located on each side of slide, and we determine that we need to release the mechanism in each to drop the slide.
  • Encounter 4 / Defeated three mindslayers, three warriors, and two mermadons.
  • We pull mechanisms and release boulders down cliff and onto Githyanki army below.
  • FOUND: 3,900GP (780GP each), Level 13 Magic Item (?)
  • +980 XP each = 41,184 TOTAL XP
  • LEVEL UP TO 13
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2012/11/2

  • Pull off awesome cross-the-t maneuver and attack airship “Sacrifice”.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated ten Githyanki mermadon, two warriors and the ship’s driver.
  • FOUND: Green device for communication, 40GP in purse (Ashar)2,400GP (480GP each), Emerald (1,000GP), Statuette (1,500GP).
  • +1,710 XP each = 39,484 TOTAL XP
  • +720 XP each = 40,204 TOTAL XP
  • We jump into enemy airship just in time to see our old ship plummet to the ground and take out two supply wagons. As we head to the rockslide device near the fortress, a red dragon flies up to our ship.
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated red dragon and rider.
  • FOUND: Leather Riding Harness (Kigyar)14 Rubies (7,000GP), Overcoat of Thangriel Dragon Knight (10SP in pocket)(Kigyar).
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Haven of the Bitter Glass — 2012/10/26

  • While in Overlook we find a merchant and trade in 6,000GP worth of gems and split the loot 1,200GP each.
  • Begin search for shopkeep. Gloin dictates wanted ad to our house steward “Carl Steward”.
  • A militiaman, Kagen, comes to the shop and needs us to help him defend against an oncoming Githyanki airship attack. We oblige and follow him to the west gate where we meet Tahket who had stolen the “Conqueror” airship and came for help. He wants us to go to Akmad to help defeat the Githyanki forces. We jump on and make in-flight repairs and prepare armaments for impending battle. During flight, we learn of Captain Iquel and Branek, and assassin informer. We need to find Branek. Something about drawings of three leaders and the artist is Tahket’s Githzerai love. She doesn’t like him right now — impure heart. Red Dragons are seen in the distance.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated two red dragons and their riders.
  • FOUND: 2,300GP (460GP each)
  • XP calculated together in next segment.
  • Continue repairing ship and approach fortress in dusty valley. Spot ship “Sacrifice” in battle and decide to engage.
  • +0 XP each = 37,774 TOTAL XP
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Rescue at Rivenroar — 2009/11/08

  • Gloin joins adventuring party.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated gnome, and two wererats. Gloin is bitten and contracts filth fever. Kigyar takes gnome’s hand. Found stolen items to be returned to Brindle.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated two zombies and two ghouls. 
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated hobgoblin (Sinrith).
  • FOUND: Deathstalker Axe (Ragnarok), Inescapable Longsword (Hiradur), Symbol of Due Fate (Gloin). Ragnarok also takes gauntlets, spiked chain, and spiked armor. Gloin also takes helm. Also find map of region, map of Brindle and red hand scroll.
  • Return to Brindle and receive 200GP (50GP each) reward for treasure and 200GP (50GP each) reward for prisoners.
  • +534 ??? XP each = 2,250 TOTAL XP
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Rescue at Rivenroar — 2009/09/18

  • Encounter 1 / Defeated two scorpions and two gnome skulks.
  • FOUND: Staff of the Warmage (Kigyar), 100GP (Hiradur), 2 Potions of Healing (Ragnarok). Kigyar also takes the liver from gnome.
  • Enter jail and find Saratanin, continue to a large room with boy chained to an alcove.
  • FOUND: 30GP, 100SP.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated deathlok whyte, death knight, three guards and two skeletons.
  • FOUND: 440GPPotion of Healing (Ragnarok). Ragnorak also takes scimitar and Shedin takes short bow and arrows.
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated carnage demon and two wererats.
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Rescue at Rivenroar — 2009/07/17

  • Encounter 1 / Defeated giant spider and three eddercaps.
  • FOUND: 100 ResidiumAmethyst (100GP), 80GP. Captain also found dead and taken to bury.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated hobgoblins, goblins, and two drakes.
  • FOUND: Key in von Andrez Kouthan tombPotion of Healing (Dita), 70GPLevel 5 Holy Symbol (Dita).
  • +238 XP each = 1,386 TOTAL XP
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Rescue at Rivenroar — 2009/05/29

  • In von Jallach tomb, find two prisoners, including dragonborn fighter (Shedin).
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated two rage drakes.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated goblins and goblin captain in barracks.
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated gelatinous cube and spectres in one-way portal room.
  • +??? XP each = ??? TOTAL XP
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Rescue at Rivenroar — 2009/05/15

  • Meet up with new adventurers (Vera and Ragnarok).
  • Encounter 1 / XX
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated goblins and crossbow gnomes.
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated razortooth swarm and gnome. FOUND: Key in von Jallach Family tomb.
  • +??? XP each = ??? TOTAL XP
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Active (2006-Present)

Current Level:


Dungeon Master:



Adventurers (Active):

  • A’shar / Genasi / Swordmage
  • Hiradur of Anar / Half-Elf / Ranger
  • Kigyar the Mad / Kobold / Wizard
  • Ori / Dwarf / Fighter
  • Zane / Human / Warpriest

Adventurers (Inactive):

  • Dita Silverleaf / Half-Elf / Cleric
  • Gloin / Dwarf / Cleric
  • Harthan Ravensworn / Dwarf / Invoker
  • Hiril Sereglos / Changeling / Assassin
  • Lup Vanatorul / Shifter / Warden
  • Ragnarok / Revenant / Battlemind
  • Shedin / Dragonborn / Fighter
  • Vera / Human / Avenger
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