• Gloin joins adventuring party.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated gnome, and two wererats. Gloin is bitten and contracts filth fever. Kigyar takes gnome’s hand. Found stolen items to be returned to Brindle.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated two zombies and two ghouls. 
  • Encounter 3 / Defeated hobgoblin (Sinrith).
  • FOUND: Deathstalker Axe (Ragnarok), Inescapable Longsword (Hiradur), Symbol of Due Fate (Gloin). Ragnarok also takes gauntlets, spiked chain, and spiked armor. Gloin also takes helm. Also find map of region, map of Brindle and red hand scroll.
  • Return to Brindle and receive 200GP (50GP each) reward for treasure and 200GP (50GP each) reward for prisoners.
  • +534 ??? XP each = 2,250 TOTAL XP
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