• Our defeat of Telecanthus and extended stay at the mansion puts us squarely in the eyes of the people of Satyr. Our renown brings us a visitor of glowing personality — a half-elf Pelor follower keen on joining our group. She introduces herself as Zane. Perhaps a bit too eager, but an intriguing thought. Gloin asks us away to discuss in private and tells us of his desire to step out of the limelight and retire to the Temple of Moradin and assist in the refugee crisis. He says this may be an opportunity to bring on someone young and eager with similar skills. Ori is taken aback at the thought and punches Gloin in the face. Kigyar follows suit and stabs Gloin in the gut in utter disgust. So the test has begun… Zane is called to prove her healing abilities and passes with flying colors. She also impresses with her knowledge and is more-or-less welcomed to the group and boarded at the mansion.
  • In the morning we’re visited by Amyria with an urgent mission to assist her Deva mage brethren on Nefelus, a tropical island nation suddenly cursed with a magical winter and surrounded by ice which their navy can’t escape. We accept the opportunity to help Amyria, especially Kigyar, and prepare to set sail. We make way on the XXX, a large sea ship, and spend a week en route before coming upon the island. We attempt to break through the ice shelf full steam ahead an are greeted by its magical enslavers.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated three big frost giants (Kigyar 2, Ashar) and five little frost giants (Kigyar, Ashar 2, Hiradur). One frost giant escaped.
  • +1,800 each = 58,114 TOTAL XP (57,014 TOTAL XP)
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