Rescue at Rivenroar — 2009/07/17

Encounter 1 / Defeated giant spider and three eddercaps. FOUND: 100 Residium, Amethyst (100GP), 80GP. Captain also found dead and taken to bury. Encounter 2 / Defeated hobgoblins, goblins, and two drakes. FOUND: Key in von Andrez Kouthan tomb. Potion of Healing (Dita), 70GP, Level 5 Holy Symbol (Dita). EXTENDED REST +238 XP each = 1,386 TOTAL XP

Rescue at Rivenroar — 2009/05/29

In von Jallach tomb, find two prisoners, including dragonborn fighter (Shedin). Encounter 1 / Defeated two rage drakes. Encounter 2 / Defeated goblins and goblin captain in barracks. Encounter 3 / Defeated gelatinous cube and spectres in one-way portal room. EXTENDED REST +??? XP each = ??? TOTAL XP