• Track beggars to Spice House in Riverdown. Building is boarded up and abandoned. Little beggar girl comes and we ask her question and give her coins. We go into the warehouse and find a trap door. Enter to dark tunnel and come to another trap door with “Give and you will be given” markings. We disable the mechanism and open to a room below with multiple platforms.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated gelatinous cube (Hiradur), and five other enemies (Gloin, Kigyar 3, Ori).
  • We open another door that enters into underground city where beggars live. See recently excavated Temple of Ione. Enter the vestibule and see painting of Tiamut. Listen at entrance and hear chanting. Attempt to open door, but spring trap.
  • +760 XP each = 46,454 TOTAL XP
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