• Letter in captain’s quarters talks of assassination of four leaders. Talk to guy named Odos who tells of finding another green stone that looks like the one we found. Lots of attacks happening. He’s going to take his people to Sayer about 20 miles away. We agree to go with him, but while awaiting departure we interview people. Tahket introduces us to Galia. Can immediately tell she’s controlled by Githyanki (possessed). She has another green stone. We take her to Odos and he immediately executes her. Kigyar offers to help Tahket with burial (BP!).
  • Midway through flight on airship to Sayer, ship lurches downward and Githyanki phase into battle.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated Branek (assassin) and two warriors.
  • Ship crashes safely near Sayer.
  • +760 XP each = 43,854 TOTAL XP
  • Enter Sayer at gate. Guards allow Tahket to pass and they say we can find lodging in the Dregs. Githzerai heading to Palace of Visions in Riverdown district. Odos comes with us. Carriage driver says master wants to meet “The Elsir Irregulars”. Lord Telecanthus (Githyanki). Telecanthus pops out and he offers us a place to stay at his inn. Offers for us to come to invited tea. We accept. Odos storms off and goes to meet Githzerai group at their lodgings. Tahket stays with us.
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