• Take airship down cliffside to survey damage and see enemy groups trying to break through two different entrances. We take the fight to them by jumping off the ship and starting parallel encounters — Hiradur and Kigyar on right and Ashar, Ori, Gloin on the left.
  • Encounter 5 / Defeated one mindslayer, eight warriors, and nineteen mermadons.
  • FOUND: 9,000GP (1,800GP each), Sapphire (1,000GP), Fire Opal (1,000GP), +3 Elemental Twisted Dagger (Kigyar)Level 15 Magic Item (Ashar-?)
  • +1,000 XP each = 42,184 TOTAL XP
  • +910 XP each = 43,094 TOTAL XP
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