• While in Overlook we find a merchant and trade in 6,000GP worth of gems and split the loot 1,200GP each.
  • Begin search for shopkeep. Gloin dictates wanted ad to our house steward “Carl Steward”.
  • A militiaman, Kagen, comes to the shop and needs us to help him defend against an oncoming Githyanki airship attack. We oblige and follow him to the west gate where we meet Tahket who had stolen the “Conqueror” airship and came for help. He wants us to go to Akmad to help defeat the Githyanki forces. We jump on and make in-flight repairs and prepare armaments for impending battle. During flight, we learn of Captain Iquel and Branek, and assassin informer. We need to find Branek. Something about drawings of three leaders and the artist is Tahket’s Githzerai love. She doesn’t like him right now — impure heart. Red Dragons are seen in the distance.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated two red dragons and their riders.
  • FOUND: 2,300GP (460GP each)
  • XP calculated together in next segment.
  • Continue repairing ship and approach fortress in dusty valley. Spot ship “Sacrifice” in battle and decide to engage.
  • +0 XP each = 37,774 TOTAL XP
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