• While in Athkala, Ookla (Gnoll Runepriest) runs into Calvin (Human Warlord) at the local tavern. While enjoying conversation, Ookla is offended by some yahoo not so keen on Gnolls and Calvin takes exception. The brawl ends with Ookla and Calvin spending the night in jail before being let go. The next day they meet up with some adventurers looking for work guarding a caravan. Notables include Zarra (Drow Rogue), Wen (Wood Elf Druid) and Zissren (Lizardfolk Battlerager). The caravan sets off on the border road of Klook Woods and is attacked en route by a large group waiting in the woods.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated 3 chillborn (???), 4 skeletons, big-handed dude (???), 7 zombie minions (???), and 4 ghouls (???).
  • FOUND: 100GP (20GP each)
  • +??? each = 16,500 TOTAL XP
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