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      This adventure begins when you receive a letter from Amyria:


      Word of githyanki activity comes in from across all frontiers, but we have had one report that demands quick investigation. The watchtower at Thiradith marks the northernmost frontier of our settled lands and is within striking distance of one of the outposts we learned of from your work in the fomorian Cachlain’s court. Three days ago, riders there reported seeing githyanki along the mountain passes. Their numbers were small and they’ve shown no sign of wanting to engage the outpost, but that has created even more worry in the watch commander. As is the case in every corner of the frontier, rumors of ancient ruins in the mountains have him convinced that the githyanki seek
      some weapon or relic to give them even more advantage in this war.

      I do not share his fear, but githyanki scouts in the northlands are reason enough for worry. There are precious few resources for us to lose in those wild lands, but this unknown outpost might too easily become a staging ground for the githyanki’s next assault. The guards at Thiradith are raw recruits and veterans whose injuries keep them from the front lines. They can bolster the barricades well enough, but they are ill-suited to hunting githyanki in hostile terrain. As such, they have sent a plea for aid to all the agents of the Coalition. It might well be that you meet
      up with others when you get there, so share the assignment as you see fit. We must find out what kind of presence the githyanki have in the northlands.

      After preparing for travel, you make your way to Thiradith to help investigate the Githyanki presence. Travel is uneventful, and you are welcomed at the gates by the captain of the outpost, Birkeni, a veteran half-elf fighter. You discover that the Freeriders have also answered the call, and arrived at the outpost earlier that same day.

      At Dinner, Birkeni tells you that a recent patrol found several dead Githyanki, but that they were forced to flee back to the outpost before investigating because they saw they were being shadowed by other Githyanki, still very much alive.

      The next day you and the Freeriders set out to investigate.

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      Encounter: Githyanki Watch

      AKA: “Climbing at half speed”

      You eventually manage to climb up to the entrance to a cavern with Githyanki Guards. They don’t put up much of a fight, and you discover that they hadn’t gotten around to marking all the astral vents.

      8,800 XP (1760 Each)

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      AKA: “That. Is. Awful.”

      You find a room filled with the corpses of Githyanki priests. Through clever application of rituals you determine that they were killed by an invading force of other Githyanki, which are currently occupying this temple.

      You enter another room filled with destroyed statues that glow with a magical energy. Further application of rituals allows you to understand the voices coming from the room below.

      The chamber below appears to be a temporary camp with three dozen bedrolls set around a pair of smoldering fire pits. Three githyanki are here—warriors by their look, and all of them angry. One mutters that the human outpost waits to be taken, cursing the orders that keep the githyanki in the temple while “the astraan mages chant their useless rituals over the shielded circle.” A second growls agreement as he curses someone he calls “the coward Kada’ne, safe on Cev’ren while we hide like dogs for the sake of his fear.”

      Your eavsedropping is interrupted by three translucent Githyanki warriors who rise up from the rubble.

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      Encounter: The Watch of the Dead

      AKA: “Watch the party miss”

      The spectral forms of the temple’s former defenders rise up to attack you, due to their general crankiness at anyone who happens by. The sounds of the party doing no damage attracts the attention of the Githyanki invaders below and they join the fray. They expected to be coming to the aid of their allies from the entrance, but are more than happy to try and kill you instead. Locked in combat for centuries, the party eventually prevails.

      11,000 XP (2200 Each)

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      Encounter: Prisoners of Chanhiir

      AKA: “Statistical analysis of clustering due to randomized movement”

      After checking out a ransacked prayer room, you happen upon a pair of fomorians using intimidate to convince some githyanki prisoners to reveal their secrets. Glowing pillars of astral energy keep things interesting as you work to defeat the big ugly fey. You notice that both the fomorian Painbringers are sporting glowing magical symbols on their wrists – a sword wrapped in an outline of white flame.

      It appears that the prisoners have freed themselves, but are interested in having a conversation.

      9,600 XP (1920 Each)

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      Encounter: Portal Hall

      AKA: “Hey, I know those guys”

      The party engages in an illuminating conversation with the former prisoners, in which you begin to understand the goings on here… if not the doings. The Githyanki attacking the temple are followers of Zetch’r’r the False, who has plans for the powerful gateway that exists in this temple. The former prisoners are spoiling for a fight and you can barely hold them back from charging into the next room – The Portal Hall.

      “There is power here that Zetch’r’r’s curs yearn to control, but its secrets are ours. Neither threat nor death will take our knowledge from us.”

      Once you kick down the doors and start kicking in faces, Megan Swift and the Freeriders come in from the opposite side. Relieved that you do not have to explore both halves of this temple, you activate operation “Pinchers of Hell” and clear out the remaining riff-raff from the temple.

      Oh, also there’s a big glowing sphere of power in the middle of the room.

      11,200 XP (2240 each)

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