• Amyria shows up with Odos to leave for meeting at the lecture hall. She discusses our goals: 1) Worried about fractured control of parties, transferring control to military council, 2) Council all have vote but have leader, 3) Everyone to vote on relevance of her dream, 4) Coalition needs a name to unite under one banner, 5) Council to vote to investigate Telecanthus to find communications hub. We join them and make way to the lecture hall. When we arrive we’re introduced
  • Encounter 1 / Succeeded in all five goals, and a few skill tasks: Ori and the potent ale, Hiradur’s sneaky conversations, Gloin cures an illness, and Kigyar wins 50GP in Three Dragon Ante.
  • Lord Torrance is named leader of the coalition. We vote to name the coalition “Shield Coalition”. Vote to investigate Telecanthus and give us papers. Transfer of military passes with Kalad as General of the military.
  • Before heading to Telecanthus’ tea party, we exchange the pile of coins Gloin was holding for the group into platinum. Also go to Ander and Toras Skullstone mapmaker. We learn of the Pillar of Hope Reborn which marks the spot of the tower on prospect hill, but they tell us that’s wrong. Tower was beneath Telecanthus’ mansion. We purchase a copy of the old city and vale map, then go back to the inn to await carriage from Telecanthus.
  • Encounter 2 / At the party, we meet Lady Torrance, Lord Torrance, General Alvo Taraman (Tiefling), Archdean Grimaldi (smitten with Hiradur and Ashar), Barinor the Blade (adventurer). We mingle.
  • +1,000XP each = 50,374 TOTAL XP
  • +280XP each = 50,654 TOTAL XP
  • Grimaldi notices Telecanthus is bringing in a lot of food to the house. Barinor notices tremors that no one else does. Lord Torrance is convinced of our subtlety and points out Telecanthus’ secretary and bodyguard, Penal, is watching us. Taraman had been asked to not watch over mansion due to their presence. We notice floor is creaky toward the back of the building. Hiradur slips away to room to investigate. Enters kitchen and finds lots of cooks on duty. Hiradur pays cook 5GP to discern whether food overage is shady. He says Penel is the one dealing with transport of food out of house. Kigyar gets into Penel’s room and notices a log book showing 15-20 extra people worth of food purchases on a regular basis. Kigyar finds another key which he takes. Hiradur and Kigyar go into next room and find locker with bloody clothes and knives. We take the items from evidence and jam the lock to  delay discovery of tampering. Ori and Gloin see that glass is not made her by Telecanthus. Enter Telecanthus’ bedroom. No Astral Sea or homeland relics, so he’s been truthful in that regard. Kigyar opens single door room with key and sees a journal on the desk. Notice the room is smaller than it should be. Journal describes stained glass. Shards on table, kind of magicy, feels similar to magic from the mirror. Shard opens portal to stairway down…
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