• Exit blade room and Gral searches hallway. Sees dark hall to left with stairway to sound of water. Long hallway to right has large room with light emanating. Gral returns and discovers Sigyn (human hunter) hiding in a crack in the wall watching our movements. After exchanging pleasantries, introductions, and brief explaination of reason for stalking us with the group, she joins our party and we make our way back to the lit room.
  • Encounter 2 / Defeated frost giant (Crixus), bugbear captain (Gral), three apes (Ka’cha, Blair, Crixus), and 13 bugbear minions (Crixus, Sigyn x5, Gral x5, Blair x2).
  • FOUND: L15 Magic Item (Sigyn)L16 Magic Item (Noor, Ka’cha, or Gral?), mundane items.
  • +??? each = 39,880 TOTAL XP
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