• After returning to the cave to assess the situation and cure Crixus of his wolf badness, we make our way back to the stronghold and successfully sneak by the watchtower. We enter the courtyard by the same entrance we’d previously entered and carefully check doors leading inside. We enter the door leading to the dining area and see a large wooden idol of a giant and a copper dragon head mounted on the wall, and continue through the kitchen.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated three taskmaster giants (Blair x2, Gral), two hill giants (Blair, Ka’cha) and 15 Orc minions (Gral x8, Ka’cha x2, Blair x3, Noor x2).
  • FOUND: 1,800GP (360GP each), mundane items
  • +??? each = 33,525 TOTAL XP
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