• Adventurers from across the land hear call to arms against the Giants and meet in local town. Blair (seeker), Crixus (fighter), Gral (monk), Ka’cha (warlord) and Noor (Druid) form a fellowship and set out gathering intel on the Giants. At the mining guild we hear of dwarves that have been killed. At the merchant guild we find that Zander has been kidnapped. While at the church we hear of a temple in the hill giant stronghold they want more info about. Blair, out of the blue, asks for a dead body and purchases one from the church. He reanimates it and calls him “Steve the Butler”. We make way toward the stronghold and find a cave to rest in prior to a night approach. We wait until dusk to sneak in the back courtyard away from the watchtower. Ka’cha climbs and sees a large dire wolf sleeping.
  • Encounter 1 / Defeated one werewolf (Blair), two hill giants (Gral, Crixus), and five dire wolves (Blair, Crixus x2, Ka’cha x2).
  • Crixus contracts the werewolf badness and we search courtyard and barracks.
  • FOUND: 9,000GP (1,800GP each), Sapphire (1,000GP), Statuette (1,500GP), 2 Potions of Vitality (???), Varg’s key which is used to open chest with Level 15 Magic Item (Ka’cha), mundane items
  • +1,525XP each = 33,525 TOTAL XP
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