• We enter doors from the courtyard and check door at end of hallway. Hear giants partying and making noise, and decide to crash the party.
  • Encounter 4 / Defeated mama giant (Blair) four giants (Ka’cha, Crixus, Gral x2), and captured 12 young giants (Blair x2, Ka’cha x2, Gral x5, Crixus x3).
  • Search apparent nursery and room where femal giant came from.
  • FOUND: 1,000GP (200GP each), Gems Studded Helm (2,500GP), Platinum Drinking Horn (2,500GP), Gold Amulet (1,500GP), L14 Magic Item (Blair)3 Jewels (500GP each), another 1,000GP (200GP each), 2,200GP (440GP each), Gem (1,000), mundane items.
  • +1,200 each = 36,720 TOTAL XP
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