It has been a few weeks since the defense of Overlook and the defeat of Zithruun. Repairs are still underway in many locations throughout the city, but for the most part things have returned to something close to normal. The Council of Elders has arranged for you to utilize one of the recently repaired structures as your permenant base of operations in the city. The building has two stories above ground and a modest basement/cellar. It appears that at one time it was used as a small Inn or B&B because there are six small rooms upstairs, three on either side of a central hallway leading to a washroom. The downstairs is comprised mainly of a great room with a separate kitchen. The cellar is accessible through a stairway in the kitchen, or a set of cellar doors in the alley to facilitate deliveries. The cellar is approximately 7 x 7 (squares, yo) You’ve had plenty of time to establish yourselves/shop/etc. You can place the building in whatever location you want and if you want to hire any staff that’s fine too, just let me know who or what you want to hire.

At some point, when you are ready to proceed, a messenger arrives with a summons from the Council of Elders. I’ll assume that you eventually decide to go there.

The summons from the Council of Elders was sudden and unannounced. Standing once again in the High Hall, you are told that the Freeriders, led by Megan Swiftblade, have uncovered the identity of a powerful ally to General Zithiruun—an ally who helped prepare the recent attack on Overlook. Megan has since fled to the village of Talar in the face of repeated assassination attempts. In return for the name of the general’s mysterious benefactor, she has requested the council’s aid. The council, concerned that this mysterious figure might still have designs on the city, has dispatched you to rescue Megan, eliminate any immediate threat to her safety, and return her to Overlook.